dr alessandro giardini

A lot changed in 2020 because of the COVID pandemic, including the ability of families to travel the world in search of the best care for their child. As a parent and physician I recognise that the need for expertise doesn’t go away, even if the ability to travel does. I also recognise that when your child is ill, researching who to seek out for an opinion or consultation is exhausting.

For this reason I now offer video consultations which can be booked following the link below. Once a consultation has been booked you will receive an email confirmation with a link to access the platform where the consultation will take place.‚Äč

If you have private medical insurance and would like us to invoice your insurancedirectly then please use the contact us function to send a request specifying the date and time you would prefer to have your video consultation. Please also specify that you would like to book a video consultation and that you would like to use your private medical insurance for the consultation.