There are a variety of uncommon heart conditions which can lead to major heart problems on exercise in children and adolescents. These include cardiomyopathies (abnormalities of the heart muscle), congenital cardiac defects (abnormalities of the structure of the heart) and cardiac arrhythmias (abnormalities of the heart rhythm life too fast or too slow heart rate).

The great majority of these conditions can be accurately diagnosed by a combination of detailed medical history, cardiovascular examination, ECG and echocardiography. Additional tests like an exercise test or prolonged recording of the heart beat (Holter recording) may be required and will be arranged.

Dr. Alessandro Giardini, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist in London can plan and arrange all the require tests in the same occasion for your convenience. The results of all tests will be discussed with you by Dr. Giardini just after they have been completed on the day of the assessment, with the exception of the 24 hour ECG monitoring which generally requires 3-5 working days before a report is issued.

If any further test is required this will be arranged by Dr. Giardini at a time convenient to you.

Author: Dr. Alessandro Giardini, MD, PhD
Date: 08/08/2020