Located in Mill Hill, North West London. Recognized as one of the best Private Hospitals in London, we pride ourselves in our efficient, professional and caring approach making sure that our patients are looked after every step of the way. It’s our mission for you to feel at ease, relaxed and confident in our team. As you are about to learn,our Private GP practice is the first of its kind.

Due to our long list of prestigious GP Doctors & Specialists, Chase Lodge Hospital is able to offer a complete selection of medical services which are all available at our premises. Unlike other private GP’s in London, we have the added benefit of specialist facilities which allows  us to call our practice an out-patient hospital. This sets our GP practice apart from others and provides us the advantage of being able to perform small operations in-house. As noted in our “Private GP Consultants” section of our website, our impressive outpatient department has over 60 leading specialists and services all in one comfortable, accessible location.